Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dragon Eyes!

I found a great video on youtube for painting dragon eyes and now I can't seem to stop making them.

The person who made the video is using nail polish to paint with. But I had to experiment with acrylic paints too. The eyes on the left are all done with acrylic paint. The ones on the right are painted with nail polish. I love the look of the nail polish. Especially the ones with the metallic colors.

The acrylic painted eyes have a much different look to them. The technique in the video didn't seem to work as well for me with the acrylic paints, so I had to play around to see what would work. Dry brushing the acrylic paint onto the glass seemed to give a better effect. I also tried using an old mascara brush for one of them, which also created a unique look.

The eye standing up in the back of the photo above is a mix of techniques. I used nail polish for the pupil, and to put some barely there gold and silver accents around the pupil. The rest of the color was done with colored pencils on paper, glued to the back with ModPodge Dimensional Magic (MPDM). The thin layer of MPDM between the nail polish and the paper seems to give it an interesting layered look. Now I'm wondering how well it would work to put a thin layer of MPDM in between layers of acrylic paint to create more depth, and to give the eyes more highlights and shadows.

I've already wrapped two of my favorites onto a couple of donut pendants. The Purple one is on a large Lepidolite donut. The green dragon eye is wrapped onto a shimmering gray Hematite donut. Both are available at Shut Up and Cuff Me.

Now I need to get some enamel paint to see how well that works. Oh, and I guess I better put more glass cabs on my shopping list too. I'm almost out of them thanks to the video I found. ;)

You can find the video HERE.

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