Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wire Woven Adjustable Rings - NEW Tutorial!

I released another tutorial a few days ago, but forgot all about posting it here in my blog. It's a simplified variation of the adjustable rings I sell in my shop. I do plan on doing another tutorial for the more advanced adjustable rings later on, but I felt this was a better one to start on.

Wire Woven Adjustable Rings Tutorial

It's a great tutorial for beginners as well as more advanced wire workers. The tutorial shows a simple ring, however there is no end to the number of ways you can alter the technique to allow for your imagination to create many wonderful designs.

What's next? I have received many requests for a tutorial for the "Glory" donut wrap (pictured below). I plan to have that one out within a couple of weeks.

Glory - Rhodonite and Sterling Silver Pendant

As always I am open to requests. If you see something on my website or in my etsy shop that you would like to learn how to do, let me know. As long as it is not a technique I learned from someone else I will be more than happy to do a tutorial for it.


Felicia said...

Pretty :)

Karma by Morgan said...

I will definitely be checking out that tutorial! How nice of you to share :)