Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mystic Ring Tutorial

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This lesson teaches you to make a ring which can hold un-drilled stones attractively and securely.

The ring shank design in this tutorial is merely a suggestion. At the end of this lesson you will see other options for the band portion of the ring. Using your own imagination you will be able to adapt the bezel technique in this tutorial so it can be used with many different ring shanks.

Prerequisite Tutorial:
Determining the Length of Wire Needed for a Ring Shank

Material List:
* 12' of 28 ga Round Soft Wire
* 16" of 20 ga Round Soft Wire
* 1 18mm x 13 mm Oval Cabochon
* Small piece of scrap paper
* Masking tape or painters tape
* Ruler (measuring in millimeters)

Tool List:
* Ring Mandrel
* Flat Nose or Bent Nose Pliers
* Wire Cutters
* Needle File or Wire Rounder
* Round Nose Pliers
* Fine tip pen or ultra fine tip marker
* Any marker that will work on metal

© Donna Spadafore, Gailavira Jewelry
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Monday, April 20, 2009

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Just wanted to put out a quick note to let everyone know you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter. I don't always have time to post a full blog, but I usually get time to post one or two updates a day on those two sites. All new jewelry tutorials will be announced on the three sites linked below, plus here.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

You Can Now Purchase Tutorials Directly from my Web-Site!

Ok, I was up till 1:30am last night getting it all together, but I'd say it was definitely worth it! Now, those of you who don't want to have to sign up for another website, but still want to purchase some of my wire jewelry tutorials, you can buy them directly from my website. Just go to http://www.gailavira.com and click on the "Tutorials" link on the left hand side. There you will find all my current tutorials,including the free ones!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prison of Enchantment Tutorial

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This lesson shows you one way to wrap an un-drilled stone point (though you can use a drilled stone if you like). This particular style gives the finished pendant an old world feel, especially if oxidized.

Skill Level:

• 13” of 22 ga Round Soft Wire
• 11’ of 30 ga Round soft Wire
• 1 Stone Point (For this tutorial I am using one that measures 8mm wide and 31mm long – you can use a different, but you will need more or less wire depending on the stone)
• 18g Jump Ring (the inside diameter must be large enough to accommodate the thickness of the wire plus the cord or chain you plan to use with the pendant)

• Chain nose pliers
• Round nose pliers
• Wire cutters
• Flat nose pliers

© Donna Spadafore, Gailavira Jewelry
You may use this tutorial to make jewelry for sale.
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