Monday, July 25, 2011

Why I Love my Job

I get to play with a torch and hammer.
No one makes comments about gender roles if they see me with a pair of pliers in my hands.
I can blast Alice Cooper at full volume all day long and no one can tell me to turn it off.
I get to play with rocks.
I can shop for lots of little toys and call them tax deductions.
I get to play with a torch and hammer.
I don't have anyone breathing down my neck talking about deadlines.
I can sing along with 100 Monkeys all day long (at the top of my lungs) and no one can tell me to shut the hell up.
I can hang out in my bath robe all day if I want and nobody cares (or even knows).
I get to play with a torch and hammer.
If I mess up I can say "I meant to do that" and nobody knows I'm lying.
I get to do something different everyday.
Even if I'm doing something I've done before, I still get to learn something new at the same time.
When I'm really pissed off at someone, I get to play with a torch and hammer.

Yep. I love my job. ;)

Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm the one in the shadows, no one ever sees
slinking through the forest, hiding in trees
searching for a glimpse of me
among the dead and fallen leaves
I see my dreams fly through the air
only to find them dying there
water running beneath the ground
carries my soul to places unfound
through branches I catch a flash of blue
and wonder if it's really true
that the sun may shine upon my fears
but in my face it laughs and sneers
there is no light, no hope, no peace
so I wait again for the rain to cease


The ear cuffs and the poem both inspired by a picture I took last New Year's day (below).