Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Suppose I Should Introduce Myself ...

Since this is my first blog entry here, I guess it would be best to introduce myself *s*

My name is Donna. I've been making "stuff" for as long as I can remember. I began making and selling beadwork at pow wows when I was a teenager, but had to give it up when my daughter was born (she had a heart condition and could not handle the heat). After that I dabbled in computer graphics (mostly gui design) but never really did a whole lot with it.

Then one day, as I sat at my computer, bored to death, I picked up a paper clip and a pair of small pliers. A few minutes later I had made my first pair of wire earrings. At that point I was hooked. I needed more wire. Then I had to have beads. Then I needed more wire. Soon I had no idea what to do with everything I had made. So, that's when I found etsy. *s*

I started setting up my etsy shop in March 2007. Since then I  have been trying to find ways to promote my shop. Someone suggested I start blogging, so here I am.

I may be starting this blog as a promotional tool, but I plan on writing about more than just my jewelry. I don't want people to feel that all I am doing is trying to sell them something they may not want.

Well, that's me.... for now...