Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Tutorial - Woven Cage Pendant

I've finally done a new tutorial. This is one that received many requests over on jewelrylessons.com, so I figured I had to do a tutorial for it soon.

This lesson teaches you to make a woven cage to show off your beautiful focal beads. There are many ways to alter the final look of the cage.

Skill Level:

Material List:

•24” of 22g Round Wire (dead soft or half hard)
•13’ 28g Round Wire (dead soft)
•1 5’ headpin 20g or 22g
•1 10mm focal bead
•9 4mm spacer bead
•1 accent bead (size depends on your personal taste)
•8 2mm beads

Tool List:

•Wire cutters
•Round Nose Pliers
•Bail making pliers or mandrel that is the desired size for the bail
•Needle file or wire rounder

I hope to have time to work on another new tutorial sometime this week. If I do, it will be for the technique I used to create the two pendants below.