Friday, October 31, 2008

New Tutorial! 2 in 1 Filigree Style Bracelet

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This tutorial teaches you how to make a filigree style bracelet using wire wrapped cold connections.

Included in this lesson is a way to modify the basic bracelet to include a frame to support a large focal bead or cabochon. This portion of the tutorial only includes instructions for the frame. You will need to decide what method to use to attach the stone to the frame. In the second picture, the bracelet on the left side was made using techniques taught in the Dance Around the Sun tutorial. The bracelet on the right was made with a netted bezel.

Skill level:

Material List:

* 7 2” pieces of 16g round wire
* 2 7” pieces of 16g round wire
* 32’ 26g round wire
* 2 3½” pieces of 16g round wire (optional)
* Round focal stone (optional)

Tool List:

* Flush cutter
* Round nose pliers
* Flat nose pliers
* Needle file or wire rounder
* Bracelet Mandrel

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