Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gailavira Jewelry Blog Giveaway! 25$ Store Credit!

And the winner is: Danica!

With the Holidays just around the corner, I've been in a really good mood lately. So I decided to spread the cheer a little bit. I'm going to give away a 25$ store credit (good in either of my shops) to one lucky blog reader!

Here's out it works.
First, you check out both of my Etsy shops:

When you are done looking around my shops, come back here and tell me what jewelry items you liked the best, or what tutorials look most interesting to you, or even which finished pieces in my shop you would like to see a tutorial for.

Make sure to leave me some kind of contact info. If you do not want to post your email address, give me a link to your etsy profile, or your profile on any other site that has a private message system so that I can let you know if you win.

That's it!

On the morning of Monday, November 30th, I will pick a random winner out of all of the people who commented here on this blog.

Oh, and if you don't win this one, don't worry! I am already collaborating with another Etsian to do a giveaway on her blog too. Once all the details are set on that one I will let you know here so you can go to her blog and enter there too.

Of course, if you see something you just have to have right away, and don't want to wait for the end of the contest to see if you've won, I'll give anyone who mentions this blog post in the notes to seller during checkout a 20% discount! (Discount cannot be combined with any other sales or discounts)


TheOneMarina said...

I loooove the Rhodonite and Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, the color matches my wedding dress :)
and the Medusa wire pendant....ah, must have! exceptional work :)
I must say I envy your talent :)

the name's Marina, here's my email address

TheOneMarina said...

oh, yes, my etsy shop (you'll notice that it's empty, cuz I'm still fighting with the people at the Visa center to give me my card back...they keep postponing it)

Rochelle said...

Out of the tutorials, I think this one is, by far, the most interesting.

And as far as jewelry goes, I think the two I like the most are this and this

Kerry said...

I really like your green quartz glass and sterling silver earrings...they are just my style! :) If I am lucky enough to win, you can contact me through my Etsy shop:

cindy said...

I just love the Medusa pendant tutorial. I am always looking to learn a new technique! Hope I win!

BTW: I'm having a giveaway on my blog too!
Thanks! Cindy

Katie said...

I really like the Reversible Copper and Sterling Silver Earrings, the Ugly Duckling Sterling Silver & Garnet Neaclace, and the Convertible Moss Agate Earrings. And your wire-wrapping is amazing!

Wall family said...

My favorite from your shop is the Amethyst and Sterling Silver Necklace. I just bought some wire wrapped earrings from another seller and love them they look just like this except made with gold instead of silver. I'm wondering how this kind of jewelry is made. You have some very unique and beautiful jewelry!

Wall family said...

I just left you a post and said my favorite was the Amethyst and Stirling Silver necklace and forgot to leave my contact info. It is

Danica said...

I have to say- I love your jewelry and the prices are great!!

I love love love the Rose Quartz and Silver pendant, the amazonite and silver pendant, the Poseidon's Love necklace,the Purple Lepidolite Necklace, Lost Earrings,the hammered spiral necklace and lemon candy jade necklace.

Awesome stuff- can't wait for payday!! :)
My (empty not started yet shop) is

Noble Beeyotch said...

This pendant is gorgeous!!Thanks for the giveaway!

SleightGirl said...

How can one pick a favorite with so many beautiful items to choose from. These earrings are really pretty though:


Jane Of Handmade Jewelry Club said...

I like this tutorial. the creation is really beautiful!

diyjewelryclub at gmail dot com

k.a.m.u.r.i. said...
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Vaiva said...

I'm in love with this ring... God I hope I win and get a chance to make one... or two... or a lot! :)

P.S. You're amazing!

almost.angel (at) gmail (dot) com

Kitty said...

I really like the Reversible Copper and Sterling Silver Necklace! (it was a hard choice because I like so many.)

Carapace said...

Agonizing decision!:D But after much consideration, I think I'm going with the Moss Agate Ladder Pendant. It's just such a great design!

I wish I had the hands for wire work-- all your tutorials look so gorgeous!


Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys said...

Thankyou for such a generous giveaway!
I love the crinkled rose ring tutorial:

and the cranberry pearl ear cuff:

MrsAshley said...

I adore so many items in your shop but I LOVE the Faceted Jasper Teardrop Earrings!!!

Thanks so much for the chance to win, your work is gorgeous!


- Marybeth I. said...

Golden and Clear Quartz and Oxidized Sterling Silver Pendant
- I love the wire weaving, the curves and flow of the piece. Very beautiful. Nice job! My email is in my profile. thanks so much

Sarah said...

I adore the amethyst and sterling silver necklace. I love simple but elegant pieces.


elaine said...

I love the Green Quartz Glass And Silver Earrings-the stone color is gorgeous!

Elaine R

Anonymous said...

My favourite is the "Lepidolite and Sterling Silver Ring"...I live so much the color...


TigerLily said...

Is this open for worldwide?
I love the Whispers on the Wind - Amazonite and Sterling Silver Pendant, so delicate and such pretty color.

yuri.kristi at gmail

Shannon said...

I love the "Crying" necklace, it is just so beautiful! Everything in your shop is amazing!


khaski said...

Gorgeous pieces, I love the 'Autumn Rain - Copper and Sterling Silver Earrings'. Love the mixed metals together...khaski78 at hotmail dot com

pippirose said...

Beautiful jewelry!
My favourite: Rose Quartz Teardrop and Sterling Silver Necklace.

pippirose59 at gmail dot com

lanky said...

I love the Dusty Blue Amazonite and sterling silver necklace!


Huguette E. said...

So many favorites! One of which is the Lemon Candy Jade Necklace, beautiful!

Melody said...

I like the Green Quartz and Sterling Silver Earrings.


Emmi said...

I really love the Midnight's Magic ring

John, Sarah and Maddie said...

Oh are so talented! I absolutely love the amazonite and pearls sterling silver pendant! Gorgeous!

The tutorial I was drawn to was the caged bird pendant...I don't think I could do it, but it sure is amazing!

crystal said...

Everything is so pretty!!
I enjoyed checking out your are so talented!!
Many,many favorites;)
I have never worn Ear Cuffs but your Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver Ear Cuffs make me want to try a pair!

Aik said...

I love the Twisted Sterling Silver Necklace - Everyday Classics Collection from gailavira and
2 in 1 Filigree Style Bracelet Tutorial from GailaviraTutorials.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

mim said...

my favorite tutorial is the Medusa - Wire Pendant Tutorial--because i really love the finished product!

fave jewelry is harder.. i love the Tempest - Sterling Silver and Blue Aventurine Necklace
and the Angel in the Mist - Muscovite, Rutilated Quartz and Sterling Silver Necklace
and the Sacrifice of the Virgin Bride - Garnet, Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver Necklace

love the materials and the crafsmanship!

miriam dot nussbaum at gmail

zup said...

Gorgeous shop!!
I really love the Hypo-allergenic Niobium and Blue Chalcedony Earrings - Everyday Classics Collection..absolutely lovely!

International Giveaways said...

There's a lot of good options, but out of the tutorials, I really find this woven front to be beautifully intricate and would love to learn how to make that myself:

And on that note, I really love the final result:

Thanks for the opportunity to win the credit! :)

internationalgiveaways at

Anne J said...

From the tutorials I think the Prison of Enchantment - Wire Wrap Technique for Un-drilled Gemstone Points would be the most useful for me, mainly because it looks like something I could actually do and a lot of the rest is probably beyond my skills.

From your jewelry I like the Hammered Spiral Necklace. It is simple and elegant, and I love hammered silver.

ajolly1456 at gmail dot com