Monday, July 25, 2011

Why I Love my Job

I get to play with a torch and hammer.
No one makes comments about gender roles if they see me with a pair of pliers in my hands.
I can blast Alice Cooper at full volume all day long and no one can tell me to turn it off.
I get to play with rocks.
I can shop for lots of little toys and call them tax deductions.
I get to play with a torch and hammer.
I don't have anyone breathing down my neck talking about deadlines.
I can sing along with 100 Monkeys all day long (at the top of my lungs) and no one can tell me to shut the hell up.
I can hang out in my bath robe all day if I want and nobody cares (or even knows).
I get to play with a torch and hammer.
If I mess up I can say "I meant to do that" and nobody knows I'm lying.
I get to do something different everyday.
Even if I'm doing something I've done before, I still get to learn something new at the same time.
When I'm really pissed off at someone, I get to play with a torch and hammer.

Yep. I love my job. ;)


Jwm29 said...

Hi! Your post on JL about looking for a book deal caught my eye. You've received a lot of good advice from other members. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with the book venture. Your work is great and should be of interest to a publisher.

I'm working on a step-by-step article which "might" be published sometime next year, but I'm not holding my breath as my chances are petty slim, even though I'm being mentored by a published artist. I think I'm on about the fifty fifth rewrite. Lost track weeks ago.

Well, again, best wishes for a successful publication.

John Murdock

Jwm29 said...

Hi, again. "Jewelry Artist" magazine came today, and there's an article with information that you re looking for.

John Murdock

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! I can totally relate to this. I just found your blog and your work is amazing. It's like lace in metal! Wow!

wendy hicks said...

Very talented work, I like! What a Gift.

monica dunn said...

Love this post from you! I too enjoy the torch and hammer.