Monday, November 14, 2011

Retiring a few Tutorials from Certain Web-sites

Due to a post I made on I've received a lot of questions asking about the tutorials that I am retiring from web-sites other than my own. All of those tutorials will still be available from my own web-site, Here is a list of tutorials that have been retired from JL.

Woven Band Ring
Sensu - Adjustable Ring
2 in 1 Filigree Style Bracelet
Spiral Button Earrings
Woven Front Pendant
Prison of Enchantment - Wrap for an Un-Drilled Crystal Point
Carry Me - Wrap for a Drilled Crystal Point
Rosebud Earrings

The following free tutorials are also being retired. I will edit this post to add new links to them once I have them uploaded to my web-site (and are not available on my web-site at this time).

Wrapped Mosaic Link
Quick and Easy Donut Wrap

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