Saturday, September 12, 2015

How to Put On Ear Cuffs, Elf Ears and other Ear Wraps

People are always asking me how to put on ear cuffs and ear wraps, so I decided to do a quick video for you. Sorry it isn't narrated. I have a cold and am not speaking too clearly right now.

For the first type of ear cuff, stretch the ear slightly at the top, then put the opening in the cuff over the upper edge of your ear, then gently bring the cuff down, while rotating it into place.

For the elf ears, as well as the other type of wrap shown below, use your finger to hold the back and front wires open near the bottom, and slide the wrap over the top front of your ear. Sort of like sliding a bobby pin into your hair. Then keep sliding the wrap over the edge of your ear until it is in place.

I've seen a number of people say to bend the cuff or the back wire of an ear wrap to open it, then squeeze it closed when it is on your ear. Please don't ever do it that way! Every time you bend a piece of metal it stresses the area at and around the bend. After doing it too many times, the metal will become brittle and break. Following the instructions above, as illustrated in the video, will help your ear cuffs, elf ears and ear wraps last much longer.

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