Friday, September 18, 2015

My First Video Tutorial - Twisted Wire Wrapped Crystal Point

My first real attempt at a video tutorial.

Every time I show a drilled crystal point I've wrapped on facebook or deviantart, I get lots of people asking how to wrap undrilled crystal points. This is just one, very simple, way that I do them. There are lots of other styles you can do as well, but since this was my first attempt at a video tutorial, I thought simple was probably best.

I'm still trying figure out the best way to shoot video tutorials, so please try to excuse the couple spots in the video where the work is a little out of focus, or the few seconds where I accidentally moved out of the frame. I promise to try a little harder on the next one. ;)

For more tutorials (PDF) go to my website at , or check out my tutorial shop on Etsy. (EU customer will only be able to place orders through Etsy)

If you prefer to watch this on youtube, you can find it here:

For this project I used a crystal point that is 31mm long and 8mm wide, About 20" (51cm) of 20g (.8mm) dead soft round wire, and about 6" (15.2cm) of 18g (1mm) round dead soft wire. If you use a larger crystal point, you will need to start with a longer piece of 20g wire, but the amount of 18g wire will be the same.

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