Friday, February 13, 2009

Everyday Classics Collection

I have often heard much of the jewelry I make referred to as "Wearable Art". I must admit, it makes me a little bit giddy when I hear that. Unfortunately, it is usually followed by, "I wish I could afford it," or some other similar sentiment.

I love making jewelry with a story behind it. Of course, the more the story effects me, the more involved the finished piece will be. This usually means that it will cost much more than I originally intended it to. To solve this dilemma, I have decided to do a new collection.

My Everyday Classics Collection is a series of smaller items that are very versatile. Most pieces can can be worn for anything from a day at work, to a casual evening at the movies, a dinner party at a colleagues house, or just a day at the mall. My goal with this collection was to create a line of jewelry that is affordable for almost everyone, but still having pieces that have a story, or an emotion, behind them. Pieces that still speak to your heart, but can be worn for more than just special occasions.

To see more of my Everyday Classics Collection, Click Here

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