Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Space just for Me

Ever since I started making jewelry again I've been collecting "stuff". Stuff which most people would consider invaluable tools of their trade. Unfortunately for me, it has been utterly useless stuff. Why? Because until now I've had absolutely no space to use it. For the last 9 years I've been living in a 720 square foot apartment. With such a small number there, you can guess that the rooms are pretty small. I'm also sharing that apartment with a teenager who is a space hog and 5 precious little monster kitties. The only place I was able to keep everything safe was in my bedroom. Well, since I had to have a bed in there, a dresser, and all the other things that go in an average bedroom, that left little space for me to work. Out of a 10ft x 10ft room, I had about a 4ft x 4ft space to work in, take photos, and store all of my supplies. As you can imagine, that left little room for me to play with everything.

So, since the apartment next to mine was empty, I decided I needed it. Desperately! And now I have many rooms to work and play in. One room is for wirework and photography (pictured above). I'll be setting up the kitchen for metalwork and polymer clay (It's a BIG kitchen). One room is set up for packing and shipping orders. And I'll still have two more rooms left to play with.

I've only been working there a few days now, but it already feels like a second home. I still need to finish getting everything set up. What's in the photo is temporary. I need to somehow get my big sturdy desk that I hammer everything on over there (any big strong men want to volunteer?). And I need to decorate (at least new curtains and a very large area rug to cover up that hideous yellow carpet).  I think I'll enjoy finishing setting it up and decorating as much as I'll enjoy working in it.

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