Thursday, July 6, 2017

New! Advanced Wire Weaving Tutorial - Plus a Chance to win it for free!

New! Advanced Wire Weaving Tutorial!
6 Advanced Wire Weaving Styles for Making Wire Jewelry

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This tutorial teaches you 6 different weaves for the intermediate and advanced wire weaver.

*Stitched Weave *
*Zig Zag Overlay Weave*
*Double Ladder Weave
*Brick Stitch Weave
*Grooved Bezel Weave
*Archer's Weave

For the stitched weave and zig zag overlay weave, there are similar tutorials by other teachers, however, those tutorials use a different method of achieving the same look. The weaves in this lesson are created by integrating the patterns into weave as you create the base weave. The other methods of achieving this look are done by adding an extra wire or two after creating the base weave (sort of like embroidering onto an existing woven piece). By integrating the pattern into the base weave using the same weaving wire, you are able to get a neater, cleaner look, as well as having fewer wire ends to hide inside the finished project.

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