Monday, October 27, 2014

2 New Tutorials! Archer's Weave Earrings and Beaded Hoop Link Bracelet

I've just posted 2 new tutorials today. Best of all, one of them is FREE.

First up is the Archer's Weave Earrings.

This lesson will teach you to make a beautiful pair of earrings using simple frame shaping techniques combined with my “Archer’s Weave”. The archer’s weave looks like tiny little arrows pointing towards each other and meeting in the middle. It’s a great way to add a unique texture to a project.

For this project you will be using 24 gauge wire to complete the weave with 18 gauge wire for the frame. You can vary the look of this weave by using different gauges of wire. The thinner the wire used for the weave, the finer the texture will be. For more noticeable “arrows”, 22 gauge wire woven over 16 gauge wire looks amazing!

I won’t be showing how to wrap the briolettes in this lesson. However, if you don’t already know how to wrap them you can find my free tutorial for wrapping Briolettes and Bead Clusters. Just click on the "Other Technique Tutorials" link just below the page banner to find it.

You can buy the Archer's Weave Earrings Tutorial on my web-site, Gailavira Tutorials, in my Craftsy store or in my Etsy tutorial shop.

Ok, now the freebie you've been waiting for. The Beaded Hoop Link Bracelet Tutorial

In this lesson you will learn how to shape beautifully simple links to create a bracelet. Beads are placed on the links to add a hint of sparkle, but you can make this without beads as well for a unique look.

You can find this one right here on my blog. Just go to the Free Wire Jewelry Making Projects page.

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livewire said...

thank you for your generosity, Donna. This is such a pretty bracelet.