Thursday, October 9, 2014

A New Toy To Play With

I've been wanting to play with corrugated metal for a while now. There are so many interesting ways you can manipulate the metal and so many different effects you can achieve all starting with an idea that is as simple as folding a paper fan. Regrettably, metal doesn't fold as easily as paper. That's what a Microfold Brake is for.

Even more regrettably, a Microfold Brake is way too expensive for my budget right now. Luckily for me (and many others with a similar budget) a Tube Wringer also works.

As the name implies, it's meant for wringing out tubes. You know, like getting out the last bit of toothpaste, or glue, get the idea. But, because of those neat extra long gear like things that you run the tube through, it's great for corrugating thin metal as well. I doubt it would work as well as a Microfold Brake for a lot of tasks, but for occasional light duty pieces it'll do the trick.

You just put the metal in the gears, turn the handle a few times, and you have your corrugated metal. For another interesting effect, anneal the sheet then feed it back through with the first corrugation perpendicular to the gears. You can also pinch the folds together on one side of a longer sheet to make curves. Or make tiny pinches in multiple areas for other cool looks. Of course, I have no idea how many other effects you can achieve, but I am sure the number is limitless. That's a lot of learning I have ahead of me.

And, the best part about it, when you get the metal going through, it makes a really cool noise. ;P

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