Friday, June 20, 2008

One of my Etsy Friends: DoubleDDesign

Normally I don't feature other artists on my blog, but I have become such good friends with another artist that I just couldn't help wanting to show off her stuff and help her out.


We first met when I bought a couple of packs of loose stones from her about a year ago. I didn't realize she was having a sale, so I went ahead and paid her full price. A few minutes later I received a note from her saying that she had refunded part of my purchase price because of her sale. I was touched by her honesty because I have known many other artists who would not have made such a caring gesture.

After that we just went our own separate ways. Then a couple months later she contacted me again. She wanted some custom pendants made as gifts for her friends and family.

Through that sale we became good friends. I have since learned that she is a caring person, both in business and her personal life. I believe that when a person is good, it comes through in their work. It certainly comes through in Michelle's work.

Her shop on Etsy, DoubleDDesign, is filled with wonderful works of art. Her jewelry is both subtle and bold. Each piece seems to tell a story. Her attention to detail, even on the smallest pair of earrings, is a testament to the wonderful person that she is.

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Sara said...

Very nice feature, beautiful work. I also like your blog background, very cool.