Friday, February 17, 2012

New Tutorial! Hyacinth House: Woven Donut Wrap

I finally got around to finishing another tutorial. This is one that I know several people have been waiting much too long for! To those of you who have been requesting this one since the original one was posted last year, I am so sorry to have made you wait this long. Hope you enjoy it.

In this lesson I will teach you how to make a unique and extremely versatile woven wrap for a donut bead. The instructions show a very basic version of the pendant, however there is no end to the ways to alter this design.

The cost for this one is only $4. Right now it is only available on my web-site,

This pendant is the original “Hyacinth House” pendant and was inspired by a song from The Doors by the same name. This lesson teaches you how to make a pendant that is using just the base design for this pendant, however there are tips at the end of the lesson to help you come up with ideas for several variations of the base design.

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Nicole Hanna said...

I love the different variations of this design! So creative! I especially like the last picture. The beads add a nice touch (and on the white donut as well... those red beads are FABULOUS). I've always appreciated your wrapping. Such beautiful work.