Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just Practicing

After seeing a question someone posted in a jewelry forum about setting small stones (and the link she posted to I was inspired to try it out for myself. This stone is no where near as small as the ones she was asking about though. I decided to try the technique with a larger stone so I could work out the basics of it. Now that I have an idea of how to do it I'll start trying it out with smaller stones when I get the time (I have some 4x6mm rhodochrosite cabs that I'm dying to try this out on!)

This one obviously needs a lot of work. There are a too many mistakes to count,and a couple spots look quite sloppy, but it feels like a good starting point to me.

Since this is only a practice pendant (and not for sale) I decided to use craft wire for it instead of sterling silver and gold filled wire. The stone is a dark Amethyst crystal point.


Nicole Hanna said...

OMG I want it! lol For a practice pendant, you took that setting and ran with it. I wish I could grasp a technique as easily as you did this one.

Gailavira said...

Thank you for the compliment Nicole :)