Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Web-Site Redesign Is Finally Finished!

For several months now my web-site has been down so I could re-do it (again). Not that it actually took me that long to do all the work. In fact, once I got started, it only took a few days to do it. I'm just one of those people who tends to put things off for as long as possible. Last week I finally decided enough is enough and made myself get to work. Today, after working an hour or so here and there over the past week, I got sick of it still not being done. So I planted my rear end in a chair and for 9 hours straight I did nothing but work on getting my web-site done. Hey, it was either that or do my taxes. What would you rather do?

Well, after 9 hours today (13 hours if you include last week's work), my brain is mushy and making crackling popping sizzling noises as though it's sitting in a frying pan full of hot grease, my hands hurt so bad I can barely finish typing this, my joints are so stiff they feel like someone stuffed cotton into every one of them and my rear end is a little bit flatter and 3" wider than it was this morning. But, *cue angels singing "Hallelujah"*, my web-site is DONE.

The best part about the re-design is I had always been putting off offering instant downloads of tutorial purchases on my site because I was too lazy to do the work to add it. Since I was doing all this work anyway, adding the instant downloads really didn't add much extra work at all. So now anyone who doesn't want to wait for me to email them the tutorials they buy, (like they would when buying from my etsy and artfire shops), can order from my web-site and get their tutorials almost immediately! Who doesn't like instant gratification, right?

Here's hoping I don't get bored with it any time soon (like I usually do). I really don't want to have to do all that work again! lol

BTW, here's the link: http://www.gailavira.com

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Shore Debris said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who procrastinates on stuff like updating my website! And I'm always surprised at how little time it takes over all to get it done when I finally get to it.