Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Few New Adjustable Rings

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Working on two things at once: a new ring design and a blog post comparing different brands of craft wire. The rings are actually a variation of an older design of mine, Genesis: On the First Day. I wanted to see if I could use that ring design to hold a cab instead of a bead. For the rhodonite and red glass rings, I pretty much stuck with the same basic design, except I used a different weave and made the spirals smaller (easier for most people to wear). For the blue one I decided to use coiled swirls instead of spirals. So far, I think that one is my favorite. :)

All of the silver rings are done with parawire (which is why I didn't oxidize them). Since I've always had so many students asking me which brand of craft wire is the best I've decided to start playing around with a few of them so I can do a review. Hopefully I'll get that done and on my blog soon.

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Rhissanna said...

I love the rings and yes, I'd love to know about different kinds of wire. I'm hoping to make some doll crowns.